Beware of In Coming!

With so much interest in Marie Kondo and her Netflix series, Tidying Up, it seems that many people have gotten clutter out of their homes.  Consignment shops and thrift shops are seeing an increase in donations mostly due to the popularity of this show (see this news story).  One thing I haven’t heard Marie Kondo mention in her show is how to maintain the home once all the clutter is gone so that no more clutter will pile up.  How do we maintain our clutter-free homes?

Before I go shopping (online or in person), I try to have specific items I need in mind first. I used to see what was on sale and then buy that, whether I needed it or not! Now I examine each item thoroughly before buying it (prior to bringing to the cashier or while in my cart) and ask myself:

Do I absolutely love it?
Can I live without it?
Can I make do with something else I already own?
Can I borrow this from someone else?

One idea to keep your home from piling up with clutter is if you get something new, give away something similar.  For example, if you bring home a new bath towel, give away an old towel.  Or if you are in the process of clearing your clutter, then give away two similar items.  This can help to keep clutter at bay and keep your home from getting out of control.

What is in your shopping cart?

Another idea is to wait 3 days before you purchase an item.  If you really want it, and it is meant to be, it will be available for you.  Or if you forgot about it after 3 days, then you can live without it!

I haven’t finished clearing clutter from the entire house yet, but I am starting to think about my new purchases in this way. Like a friend said, once it gets in the house it is harder to remove. Reminder to be critical of everything that comes into your home and beware of in coming!

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  1. Great post! I didn’t think about maintenance after a declutter, and you are correct in saying Marie Kondo doesn’t (yet) address this. Good advice about incoming vs. outgoing!


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