The Irony of Bamboo: Calming Yet Destructive

Our beautiful bamboo…

We had beautiful green, lush bamboo for about 20 years in our yard. We enjoyed the shade it provided, the year-round greenery and the rustling of its leaves gave me solace. However, every year for the last 7 years I would spend several hours each spring digging up escaped shoots. Finally, it got to the point where it was causing too much damage and it had to go. It was beyond repair; we reached our tipping point. Last summer my husband and I rented an excavator and dug up our bamboo. It took a lot of work excavating, hauling away the bamboo, roots, dirt and then refilling with clean dirt. It was quite the project, taking up most of the summer. Even though the bamboo looked lovely, hidden underground was a wild mess of roots not staying contained within the barrier.

Bamboo roots, plastic barrier and dirt uncovered

Does your home look decluttered on the surface and yet if you open a drawer or storage closet, one will find a stuffed, overcrowded area? Do you close these areas & ignore them so it will look nice on the surface? I know I have done this. There might come a tipping point with these areas and then WHAM! Action is needed! A shelf will break from too much weight, stuff will get moldy from being in the basement with no air circulating or rats might find their way into your storage areas in the garage.

What is hiding in your closets, storage areas & garages? If you choose to accept it, here is your challenge for the week:

Go to one of your over filled areas in your home (a closet, drawer or storage area) and clear out one box or shelf.

Attack your hidden clutter and it just might make you smile the next time you see that area! Put it in your calendar and make time for it this week.

Thanks for reading & please share if you found helpful.