Let’s Play a Game Together

Years ago I heard about a new way of looking at your home. In this game you pretend you are a realtor. Yes, play along with me here… grab your phone and a notepad and pen. Now go to your front door and stand in the doorway. Look around the room and take photos and write notes as what you see as you open the front door. Pretend you are a realtor looking at someone else’s home and you are making suggestions to get this home ready to put on the market. Open drawers and closets. Take notes of everything you would recommend to your client. For example, there is too much furniture in the living room, the bookshelf is overflowing and there is an out of place laundry basket on the floor next to the fireplace. Snap photos around the room clockwise noting details. Then go room by room through the entire house. Remove your emotion. For these minutes this is someone else’s home. Do not stop to put things away. Spend only 10 minutes taking notes and photos of the entire home.

Now review what you would tell your client. Then you can break down these areas and focus on one shelf, one cabinet and one drawer at a time. You have photos to reference and you may want to compare before & after pictures. I did this years ago and it gave me a new way of looking at my home. Strangely looking a photo is different.

Before during my realtor game

I want (and need) to play realtor again. For example this small book shelf is next to the computer in the kitchen where I am currently writing. It doesn’t seem too bad, I tell myself when I look at it. I have decluttered this area before, but if I was a realtor and moving right now, I would clear more, pair down, condense & make this area more beautiful. As it is, it doesn’t make me happy looking at it. In fact, the green Tupperware container from the 70’s that we keep the dog food in has got to go!

Okay, I wrote this thinking I would publish as it, but now I realize that I need to add an after photo. So here goes. It is not amazing, but better. I would like to find a small plant or beautiful dish to place on top so it will not be a clutter magnet.

After looking at the photo & clearing some clutter

If you are moving in the near future you may do this with more vigor and intensity. Think how this will keep your costs & stress levels low for the move. Sometimes if we make it a game that will keep us focused and we’ll see our things in a new light. Try it and let me know how you did.

Thanks for reading. Please share with someone you think might find this this helpful.



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