It’s Time to Purge Summer!

I love the colors of the fall

The seasons are changing. The kids have gone back to school. The evenings are getting cooler. The pumpkins are getting ripe. Fall is here. September is like another January. Let’s take advantage of this new start and simplify our storage. Even though some of us want to hang on to summer as much as possible, it’s time. It is time to pack things away for the winter and a great time to declutter. Here is a shortlist:
-Summer clothing
-Hobby equipment used doing summer months (water sports, bikes, etc.)
-Outdoor furniture
-Outdoor toys
-Seasonal kitchen tools (Ice cream maker, Popsicle holders)

Don’t put away the broken & the unused items, toss them. If something didn’t get used this summer consider donating or selling it. We have an inflatable boat that hasn’t been used in over 2 years. I asked my family at the beginning of the summer if they wanted to keep it and they said yes. They had agreed that if it didn’t get used this summer we could get rid of it. So out it goes.

I rode the kids to school in the tandem often

An item that I am sad about is our tandem bike. My husband and I took several long rides with this before kids and then with the kids. We had a baby trailer attached, then a tag-along bike and then a kids stoker seat added for getting the kids around. It hasn’t been used in years and when I asked my husband if he wanted to ride it with me this last weekend he gave me a look like, ‘are you crazy?! I don’t want my butt to be sore!’ So I guess that is my answer! Ha! I want us to be that retired couple that ride together, but I need to be realistic. That will not happen. So after 19 years, we are selling it. I am grateful that it was in our lives. It is a good bike and we’ve had lots of good memories and it is time for it to move on to its next duo. And we won’t need the tandem topper bike rack either. So even more room in the garage!

Your mission this week is to go through your summer items and clear some clutter as you put things away.
Here’s to less stuff to store! ~Ellen