Clearing Clutter The “Right” Way

There are several different suggestions on how to get rid of clutter and minimize your home. Do you gather like items together and sort in a certain order or is it best room by room, easiest to hardest? Do it all at once as quick as possible or is it more of a marathon? I want someone to tell me what to do and step by step. I am good at following instructions. Except everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for another. Ugh!

For months I was following Marie Kondo’s order to tidying up the home. However, I got caught up in her miscellaneous section and stopped there. I had been overwhelmed and wanted to declutter in the right order that when it came down to it, no decluttering had been done at all. It was the perfectionist in me. I need to let this go!

I was in my sewing area recently looking for some thread and noticed it was a mess. I didn’t care if sewing items were not next on my list; I had about 15 minutes and went through all my material, clothes to be mended and sewing accessories. One bag got donated and 1/2 a bag went in the garbage. It felt good. This area is much better. I’m wondering why it took me so long to declutter this area. I know, I have wondered this before.

We have all heard this before: written goals are more likely to come to fruition than non-written goals. So why not write down how we plan to simplify our home with less stuff? If we are serious about having more space in our home, it is worth it. Looking back, I wrote my miscellaneous category order list, but didn’t put target dates to have them finished nor did I put the list in a place that I would see daily.

Challenge: Write down the order in which you will clear the clutter from your home. Set realistic dates to target for each area or category. Now keep this somewhere that you will see regularly (phone screen saver). We can do this together!

Thanks for reading & share with others if you found helpful. ~Ellen

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  1. I like 2 lists to work from. One of quick easy tasks and one of longer more time consuming tasks. Then I try to do one task from each list daily—but not on a day I’m having lunch with friends. All work and no play makes not only a dull boy but an unhappy one!😍

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  2. I made a list a few weeks ago, but I don’t consider myself a slave to the list. It’s a list of projects, some short and some long, that I need to get done, but if I come across a project that needs to be done now that’s the one that takes priority, whether it’s on the list or not. I’ve never been good at ranking things. 🙂


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