Is Bigger Better?

Houses in the US are getting bigger according to this article. But is bigger always better? Maybe we just need to get rid of 1/2 our stuff and our home will seem 50% bigger!

Minimalist blogger Josh Becker suggests downsizing and moving to a smaller home. This is after you declutter & reduce your possessions. This is a huge step and something I would not consider, however, I have two friends that are doing this right now. They are in the process of reducing their stuff so that they can live in smaller homes. This is the ultimate in letting go and minimizing and I admire them for it. At this point, for our family of four and a dog, we are not ready to live in a smaller home, but maybe someday.

Tall Girl In Tiny House

My friend lives in a tiny home by herself. However, she doesn’t recommend living in such a small place for more than one person. But it works for her.

Would you ever intentionally live in a smaller home? Is this considered successful?

And a challenge if you are up for it: If you were to move to a smaller home within the next 6 months, what would absolutely NOT go with you? Toss, donate or sell these items.

Thanks for reading. ~Ellen