Labels: Hoarder, Declutterer, Minimalist or Releaser

A friend of my sister’s mentioned she is not a hoarder, but not a releaser. We watch Hoarders on TV and think, I don’t have it that bad! Who is to say if we are happy and at peace with the stuff in our home, but us.

The word “minimalist” can conquer up extreme living. There are different levels of minimalism, but why do we label ourselves and put ourselves into a category? People are happy with different levels of clutter. Maybe someone isn’t a releaser but at the same time they don’t have a lot of items in their home. Or people have lots of stuff in their home, but love it all and are happy. I often refer to decluttering but I also like releasing items out into the world. It feels kinder.

Words and names are important and we resonate with them. I feel a certain way when a word is written or said whether it is positive, negative or neutral. It matters what words we use. Karen Kingston blogs about the advantages of reducing word clutter and Gretchin Rubin has a word of the year challenge.

Some of us want to be included in something larger. We want support and accountability. We want a connection with others in the same situation and we do that with word association. In this way, we identify what we want.

Let’s not let words and labels get in the way of our goals but rather bring us closer to them. If a simple home is what you want, commit to it and get help if needed! There are 12-step programs for Clutterers Anonymous.

Your challenge this week is to identify your level of comfort with your items in your home. Here is my 3-minute video to help with clutter assessment.

Thanks for reading and please share if you think someone else will find useful. ~Ellen

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