Do you get overwhelmed with your stuff and not know where to start? You want a cleared house, a place to relax and your car to fit in your garage. You want it all done and you want it done NOW!

From Josh Becker’s article on financial minimalism:

“Be like a stamp—stick to one thing until you get there.” —Josh Billings

This is a quote I need to read and reread. I tend to jump around my house decluttering different areas randomly.

There are many ways to declutter a home. Which works best for you? Whichever way you decide, focus on that and get it done. Maybe it is just one shelf. Don’t get sidetracked or hung up on where to put things from the shelf. If something doesn’t belong on the shelf and doesn’t have a “home,” put it in the place where you usually use it the most. You can also quickly empty the shelf by placing all items in a bag and then sort through them later. Just beware to make time for sorting. I did this once and then the bag sat unsorted for several weeks!

Another idea is to declutter one corner or small area of a room. Anytime you get frustrated with your stuff, go to that clutter-free area and reflect on how that space feels. If you like it, do another small area in that same room. The goal would be to get an entire room cleared of clutter. This will be your respite when other areas in the house get out of control. Then do another room and finally your entire home!

I know this sounds simple but doing it can be challenging. For this week, try clearing one shelf. Focus on this and hopefully next week you will have all the shelves on the bookcase finished. Stick to it. Let me know how your stickiness worked out!

Thanks for reading and please share with someone you think may be interested. ~Ellen