How to Take a Minimalist Approach to Holiday Shopping

I love these ideas on repurposing and homemade gifts. Right up my alley! Some of the statistics on overspending and feeling the pressure to buy is crazy! Help spread the word and instead wash your parent’s car this Christmas instead of buying them a sweater!

Caitlin Fisher

holiday shoppingThe holidays are hectic—with everyone rushing to stores and advertisements being shoved in our faces, it can be difficult to maintain a minimalist approach to shopping. Everything is made to seem like the best deal or the next must-have gift. But the holidays are supposed to be about giving and togetherness. We should focus less on the price tag and more on the meaning behind the gift.

Here are four ways that you can reduce spending on holiday shopping while still finding great gifts.

Make a List, Check it Twice

If you create a list prior to shopping, you will know exactly how much you plan to spend and the limits of your budget. It’s when you deviate from this list and start buying unplanned gifts that overspending occurs. As you begin shopping, try to find deals along the way in order to cut costs from your overall budget.


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