Clutter-Free Home

Someone asked me recently what my definition of a clutter-free home (and mind) look like? Here is my answer:

As you look around your home, your mind is calm and you feel at peace.

Even looking in those dark, deep corners of your home is peaceful. This would also mean being able to find something easily in your home. My schedule is also minimal with lots of white space on my calendar for spontaneous dance parties!

Often when one’s physical surroundings are cluttered, the mind is cluttered as well. A clutter-free mind leaves room to dream, think and is not clogged up with endless lists or shoulds.

Getting to a clutter-free home and mind is a journey. I love everything about living with less & clearing my mind AND I’m still on this journey after almost three years! You may think it is a long time. Yes, it is. With the sudden passing of my husband in the fall, I’m taking more time. Which is okay. Everyone has their own pace and circumstances.

Won’t you join me on this journey and not just read about clearing clutter, but get something out of your home (and mind) today that is not making you smile and make room for peace. ~Ellen

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  1. My house feels calming, but now I need to get my office in a that same zone!! My piles of paperwork are too stressful! One day at at time. So happy you are taking the time for yourself. XOXO

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