Clutter-Free Family Homes

Even after Decluttering my Husband’s Closet I was reminded again, decluttering shared property takes compromise. Recently, after time decluttering in the basement I came across three cake/tart containers. My late husband was an excellent baker and used all three depending on the recipe. One daughter likes to bake and I felt we don’t need all three. We certainly could make do with one. She didn’t want to get rid of any! I suggested to box up one and put it in her future apartment/ kitchen supply area. This worked for her to know I wasn’t getting rid of it and for me to get more space in common storage areas.

The other item I came across was also a duplicate: wireless headphones. My youngest daughter didn’t want to get rid of them. I reminded her that they haven’t been used

in over a year and I have another pair I like better. Our compromise: if they don’t get used in the next month then they go into the give-away bin! I have a reminder on my phone for this.

Do we really need two cake plates of different sizes? Yes, said the baker daughter, so in the “kitchen box” it goes!

Another item in question was a guitar from my girls’ great grandfather. We have had it in the house for over 20 years, yet it hasn’t been played in all that time. My musical daughter said it doesn’t even hold a tune. “So we can get rid of it?,” I asked. No, she wants to keep it. It’s sentimental and the only thing from her great grandfather that she never met. I get it, but won’t a photo of it work instead?! Anyway, we’ll keep it and I’ll focus on house paint and tools for now that my teenagers could care less about!

Here’s to a clutter-free and peaceful home! ~Ellen

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